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My brethren... its only keepers. Then... The abomination... found us. We had to hide the Key... Gave it form. Molded it flesh, made it human. And sent it to you.
Unidentified monk[src]

The Order of Dagon was a monastic order with the purpose to protect the Key.[1]


The Order of Dagon was founded by Tarnis in the 12th century.[1] By the year 2000, the order, based in the Czech Republic, was destroyed by Glorificus. Only one of them survived and made his way to Sunnydale to inform Buffy Summers of the mission she had been entrusted with. The last monk, however, was captured, tortured, and interrogated by Glory. He was saved by Buffy, although he soon eventually died due to fatal wounds.[2]

Powers and abilities[]

The Monks possessed the ability to transform energy, bend reality...
Spike quoting Rupert Giles[src]

As a group, the members of the Order of Dagon were capable of performing a ritual that transformed energy into matter, as well as bent reality itself. Thanks to this collective ability, they were capable of giving human form to the Key and of altering reality and building memories in order to make the now human Key fit within the world.[2][1]