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One Girl in All the World is the twelfth and final issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eleven comic book series. It was written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs. Joss Whedon is the executive producer.


In the season finale, with the lives of both humans and magical beings hanging in the balance, the battle between Buffy — once again the Chosen One — and the Big Bad comes to its zenith… And the world will never be the same![1]




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Death CountEdit

  • Joanna Wise, eaten by the Shenlong.

Behind the ScenesEdit


  • The variant cover features a “deleted scene” from the issue; written by Christos Gage, illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, and colors by Dan Jackson.
  • This issue’s title is a reference to the original Slayer prophecy: “Into every generation, there is a chosen one. One girl in all the world. She alone will wield the strength and skill to stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. To stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. She is the Slayer.”


  • One Girl in All the World was among the 300 best selling comic issues in its publication month, with 9,816 sales in October 2017 at comic specialty stores.[2]


Pop Culture ReferencesEdit

  • Spike mentions Harmony got cast by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the composer, lyricist, playwright, and actor, best known for creating and starring in Broadway musicals.


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