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Olvikan, also known as Olukai,[1] was the name of the Old One that Mayor Wilkins became the embodiment of during his Ascension.[2] Villagers of Kauai had a legend that mentioned the demon Olukai. In 1999, Lester Worth uncovered the remains of the gigantic demon, which he had believed were the fossil of a dinosaur.[1]


Olvikan resembled a green snake that towered around 60 feet tall. It possessed sharp teeth and multiple mandibles around its jaws, along with a thick, bone-armored hide along its back and a spiked tail-club.[2]

Powers and abilities[]

Due to its enormous size, Olvikan had immense physical strength and durability, able to devour entire an human in one bite, break through walls by charging into them, and take damage from spears and flamethrowers without real injury.[2]

His tail also proved a dangerous weapon as it could be swung as a whip. In his ascension, Wilkins killed Larry Blaisdell this way, breaking the student's neck when he hit the ground.[2]

Olvikan was still vulnerable to being killed, though it took great means to do so. Apparently, he was first killed by the eruption of a volcano, and the Scooby Gang required a large amount of explosives to defeat the ascended Mayor.[2] However, due to his constitution as an Old One, Mayor Wilkins survived this apparent death and spent years pulling himself back together.[3] He was then defeated once again, beheaded by Harth Fray.[4]



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