Ask anyone about Oliver. I'm a fierce animal. I'm your agent as soon as you call me.
―Oliver Simon[src]

Oliver Simon was a Los Angeles talent manager who represented a number of actors and actresses, including fading star Rebecca Lowell. Though loyal, Oliver could be misguided in his attempts to serve his clients interests.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Meeting Angel[edit | edit source]

Oliver Simon was considered one the most important agents in Hollywood by 1999. He met Angel at a party hosted by Margo and tried to turn him into a client, despite the fact that Angel was not interested, Simon believed his was an actor solely based on his good looks. At the time, Oliver was in a serious relationship with a landscape architect.[1]

Working for Rebecca Lowell[edit | edit source]

Months later, Oliver tried to revive the career of Rebecca Lowell, one of his clients. He hired a stuntman, another client, to stalk Rebecca, giving him her private phone number, and telling him how to get into her house and that she actually skipped movie premieres, assisting only to be photographed and then leave. Oliver hoped the publicity would get her the leading role in a new TV series. However, he only succeeded in deepening her personal issues, which led her to try to be transformed into a vampire.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • He was portrayed by Michael Mantell.

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