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It's kind of funny thinking about how threatened you were by me back when I was a graduate student, that's what you sent me and the others away isn't it?, you couldn't handle the competition. And that's why Laurie's still around, she's not smart enough to overshadow you is she?, not like me, I'm special, special on a Pylean platter with a side of you make me sick!
―Winifred Burkle[src]

Professor Oliver Seidel BS, MS, PhD was a full professor of theoretical physics at the California Physics Institute. His talents were much broader than anyone knew however. Seidel possessed vast knowledge of other dimensions and various creatures that dwelt in them, he also knew various spells that enabled him to open portals to those dimensions.


The 1990s[]

I idolized him and he sent me to hell, me and God knows how many others who didn't make it back.
―Winifred Burkle[src]

While a physics professor at the California Physics Institute, Seidel sent many of his students whom he believed posed a threat to him to other dimensions via portals, including Winifred Burkle. Seidel's TA for High-Energy Physics was Laurie Drummond while Fred was his student, and Laurie remained in that position until Seidel died.

After Fred's Return[]

You know what they say about payback?, Well, I'm the bitch.
―Winifred Burkle[src]

When Fred was asked to present a paper she had written on the subject of supersymmetry to the Institute, Seidel won the honor of introducing her. During her speech, he opened a portal above her from which a multi-tentacled demon emerged and tried to kill Fred. It was defeated by Angel and Charles Gunn. Later, while alone in Seidel's office, Fred discovered a book with various portal spells and quickly realized that Seidel was responsible for sending her to Pylea and was infuriated; she intended to kill Seidel. Angel and Gunn tried to talk her out of it but Fred was undeterred. She then went to Wesley Wyndam-Pryce for help in killing him. After another attempt by Seidel to send Fred away by sending a portal incantation to her cellphone, she confronted him face to face. Fred opened a portal to a hell dimension, through which she intended to send Seidel. Before she could carry out her vengeance, Gunn snapped his neck and then threw him in, hoping to save Fred from having to commit such a deed herself; unfortunately, this created a rift between the two that ultimately ended their relationship.

Angel, who had been occupied with defeating Seidel's near-immortal demonic bodyguard, was informed that Seidel simply fell into his own portal,[1] although Angelus revealed that he was fully aware that Seidel had been murdered. He had simply been unaware of whether Gunn or Fred had killed him, Angel presumably accepting the story to respect their desire not to think about it.[2]


All of Seidel's victims were studying under him for a PhD in Theoretical Physics. They were:

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Randy Oglesby.