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You're about to see why Daniel Boone and that idiot demon are creatures of the past, and why I am the future.
―The Old Man[src]

The Old Man was an unidentified British man who directed the Gruenstalher Twins during SlayerFest '98


During the course of the event, he remained in Mr. Trick's mansion, communicating to the twins via earpieces while operating a computer system which allowed him to track down the targets Buffy Summers and Cordelia Chase (whose place was intended to be filled by Faith Lehane) after secretly placing tracking devices (disguised as corsages) on them.

Buffy discovered this and exploited it make the twins kill each other, while also making it look like the two Slayer were defeated in the process. This, along with the deaths of the twins, KulakCandy Gorch and Frawley and Lyle Gorch's forfeits, was why the old man was left alone inside Trick's mansion, believing he won the game which he didn't.

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