Angel Comic Books
Old Friends
Publication date 29 June 2006
Published by IDW Publishing
Includes Original Comics Old Friends: #1-5
Creative Team
Written by Jeff Mariotte
Artist(s) David Messina
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The Curse

Old Friends was a trade paperback collecting comic issues based on Angel.


Angel: Old Friends #1

A vampiric figure seems to be causing a string of deaths in LA, so Angel must return to the city to investigate with Gunn. The case reunites him with old friends and old enemies.

Angel: Old Friends #2

Having learned that Spike had a doppelganger, the vampiric-like killings continue across L.A., and Angel is drawn back into the city.

Angel: Old Friends #3

Angel learns he may not be able to even trust his eyes as the events in the city take a turn toward darkness when they see Wesley and Illyria.

Angel: Old Friends #4

Angel and his friends try to find out who is playing tricks on them, by finding Lorne, but when another Lorne shows up who can they trust?

Angel: Old Friends #5

Angel hopes he can trust his friends as conflict approaches with Dr. Sparrow whom has been creating doppelgangers of Angel and his old friends.


Behind the Scenes

  • The second Angel mini-series. Jeff Mariotte declared having completed it that he would likely discontinue writing for the Buffyverse, having already written eleven Angel novels, and eleven Angel comics.
  • Cover artists for the original comics included: David Messina, Neil Yokes, Tone Rodriguez, Sean Phillips, Lee Kohse and Russell Walks.
  • In an interview, Mariotte explained that he originally proposed two story lines for the comics, this was probably the second storyline which got put on hold until after The Curse introduced comic readers to the character, Angel.[1]



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