Oden-Tal female working in Madame Dorion's brothel.

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The dimension of Oden-Tal was populated by a humanoid species of demons. They were organized in an monarchic society in which males, known as Vigories, had all the power, while females lived in servitude.

Female Biology

The females of the species had a row of raised ridges on their back. These ridges was called the ko. This area was the nexus for the personality and passions of the demon. Males apparently also had Ko, but no power seemed to stem from it.

When the females came of age, ko controlled their physical and sexual power and it signaled - glowing with heat - when they were aroused and had met desirable mates.

When a female Oden-Tal matured she went through a period where her ko supercharged them with energy, which manifested as heat and intense strength. At first they couldn't control this power and need to be cooled constantly. With practice and time they could use this power at will.

Inter-Gender Relationships

Oden-Tal females lived bound to servitude to the males in their home world. In order to make women submissive and easily controlled, their ko were removed in a painful process.

Prominent Oden-Tals


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