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The "Octobicth" attempts to feed on the Slayer Courtney

That was your last meal, Octobitch.
―Faith Lehane[src]

"Octobitch" was the nickname Faith Lehane gave to a powerful demon that dwelled on the town of Hanselstadt. It fed upon the expression of a person's fears and regrets, particularly those of children, though vampires were also vulnerable to it, which caused them to avoid the town. At some point, however, the demon eliminated all children on Hanselstadt. The threat of the vampires caused Duncan Fillworthe, one of the few surviving members of the Council to devise a plan to keep the demon fed and the town safe from vampires. Resentful that the Slayers had rejected the Council, he let word get out of a sanctuary for those new Slayers that did not want to join the fight, feeding them to the demon.

When Rupert Giles, Faith, and the new Slayer Courtney arrived to Hanselstadt, Fillworthe had the two Slayers taken to the town's old library, where the demon had taken residence. The demon caused Faith to see a manifestation of a vampire she had allowed to escape during her first fight. It also showed Courtney an illusion of her parents reuniting and expressing their love for her. As the demon prepared to feed on Courtney, Giles arrived to fight the demon. Fillworthe also arrived to stop Giles. As Giles tried to release Courtney from the demons tentacles, Faith regained consciousness and attacked the former Watcher, who was quickly ensnared by the demon. The creature devoured Fillworthe as the latter expressed his regret to Giles in order to be rescued, but it was too late. Afterward, Faith stabbed the demon with Fillworthe's bow, causing it to explode.


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