This guy was hardcore, Giles.
―Buffy Summers[src]

Octarus was the first of the assassins sent by the Order of Taraka after Buffy Summers. He was represented by the one-eyed demon on Drusilla's Tarot cards. Octarus attacked Buffy while she was skating at an ice rink. Angel arrived and helped Buffy. She then killed Octarus by slitting his throat with the blade of her ice skate. When Angel looked at the ring Octarus was wearing, he warns Buffy of the danger that was coming her way.

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  • Although this is widely overlooked, Octarus is the first human enemy to be killed by Buffy (aside from Doctor Weirick, whom she unintentionally fed to hyenas). It is possible she was unaware of his human nature if he was indeed human for certain (his ability to overpower Angel puts this into question).
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