Obregon was a former worker at a Spanish mission and a long-time prisoner of the Scholars.


Obregon’s exact early history is unclear, but it is known that he had a long interest in various branches of magic, eventually working to bring his knowledge together to carry out various complex sacrifices to increase his own power. He was finally defeated by an alliance of an army sent by the Vatican and a gathering of mystics assembled by the Scholars- a more militant branch of the Watchers Council- but the best the Scholars could do was separate him from his power and imprison him.

Despite their best efforts to keep Obregon contained, imprisoning him in an old coal mine for centuries, Obregon eventually managed to escape and sought to return to the mission to reclaim his power source. Despite the efforts of the Scholars and Angel Investigations, Obregon was able to regain his power, but a mystical assault by the Scholars sent to capture him, allied with Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, kept him off-balance long enough for Angel to get in close and attack him, the combined mystical and physical attack allowing his opponents to kill Obregon once and for all (“Solitary Man”).

Powers & Abilities

Although Obregon gained a great deal of power through various mystical sacrifices, the full extent of his power is unclear as he was witnessed only after his power had been taken from him and contained in a box. However, even in this weakened state, Obregon was a dangerous physical combatant, possessing enough raw strength to easily engage a vampire of Angel’s age in combat, and also survived for centuries in a prison established by the Scholars (although he may have aged somewhat during this time).

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