Non was a powerful demon and the Lord of Beverly Hills until she was de-throned by Spike and Illyria. Prior to the Fall of Los Angeles, she had been little more than an extra-dimensional bottom feeder, preying on stray dogs and homeless people. Like all people killed during Los Angeles's stint in Hell, she came back to life with all her memories intact when the Senior Partners reversed time. Non revived Charles Gunn from his coma because his vampire self had been an impressive evil leader and she wanted the glory days back. Gunn and Illyria subdued her and turned her over to the Mosaic Wellness Center.

Powers and Abilities

In addition to her superhuman strength and endurance, Non had the ability of draining the life force of mammals around her, turning them into rotting, zombified corpses, in order to feed. She was unable to feed on vampires, Connor or Illyria. She was also capable of imbuing other beings with life force, healing them from injuries and regenerating them.

Behind the Scenes

  • Brian Lynch stated in a forum post on SlayAlive that he always thought of Non and Noelle as girlfriends.[1]



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