Noelle was a female Sadecki Demon established in Los Angeles at the time the city was sent to hell by the Senior Partners. She was a minion of Non, Demon Lord of Beverly Hills.

Biography[edit | edit source]

When Los Angeles was sent to hell by the Senior Partners, a lower level demon named Non was able to take control of Beverly Hills, becoming a Demon Lord. Noelle was Non's second in command (and possibly her lover). She was instrumental in controlling Non's warriors. Non's warriors were an army of human-demon hybrids that were brainwashed by Noelle into loyally following orders. Noelle accompanied Non on a meeting with the vampire Charles Gunn. Non was hoping that Noelle could use her telepathic powers to search for valuable information inside Gunn's mind. However, vampires were immune to most forms of telepathy, so Noelle was unable to read anything from Gunn's thoughts. Non was hoping that two of her prisoners, Spike and Illyria could be used as bargaining chips with Gunn. Gunn however was not interested, and instead attacked Non and Noelle before telling them to leave. Disappointed, Non went decided to execute her prisoners in an effort to make herself feel better. However, during the execution; Spike and Illyria managed to escape their confines, and Spike realized that Noelle was the one controlling Non's minions. Noelle attempted to use her mind control powers on Illyria, only to find that there was no humanity in her to be controlled. Illyria then killed Noelle by tearing her head from her shoulders.

Noelle was later resurrected by the temporal fold executed by the Senior Partners. However after experiencing death, her relationship with Non was not the same and the two were no longer on speaking terms.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Noelle was a Sadecki Demon, and therefore had all the powers associated with that demon species. She was able to mind control several people at once, read the minds of most beings and was capable of occasionally using telekinesis. Her eyes glowed yellow and she was able to project her thoughts into the minds of others too. She was however, unable to read or control the mind of a vampire.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Brian Lynch stated in a forum post on SlayAlive that he always thought of Non and Noelle as girlfriends. He felt that although she didn't have much backstory, fans seemed to take to Noelle because of how cool she looked when artist Franco Urru drew her.[1]

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