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El Draco

Eldre Koh, the only known example of the Nitobe

The Nitobe was a species of warrior demons. They followed a code of honor, being obligated to those who freed or helped them.


Their society was organized similarly to European feudalism in the Middle Ages. Their capital was governed by the Overseer, a religious figure. When becoming adults, the males passed trials in the hope to become Yataro, the elite warrior class.

One of the Nitobe, the yataro Eldre Koh, falsely accused of killing all his village - the actual culprit was Illyria - was freed from a mystical prison after Buffy Summers destroyed the Seed of Wonder, bringing about the end of magic on Earth. In accordance with his people's code, he traveled to San Francisco, where Buffy was now stationed, to help her.

Physiology and Powers[]

The Nitobe were humanoid and possessed maroon-colored skin and red eyes with yellow sclerae, along with a large and bulbous nose.

Additionally, they had the ability to generate energy blades.

Notable Members[]