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"Nikki Goes Down!" is the seventh short story in the Tales of the Slayers comic anthology. Written by Douglas Petrie and illustrated by Gene Colan, it was originally published on February 20, 2002, by Dark Horse Comics.


Nikki Wood wakes up in bed with her lover, Li, an NYPD cop. She follows him at night to find out he's on stake-out. He's unaware of her being a Slayer. Li's target was a man called Le Banc, who he believed has been smuggling drugs. Instead, he's smuggling vampires, who attack the cops. Although Nikki intervenes, Li's killed, and she's found by other cops with her lover in her arms. They suspect her of the murder, so she flees.

Beating up demons, Nikki finds out that Le Banc would reveal his cargo at a party. She gate crashes it to find out that the cargo was an enormous bat, which flees out a window. In spite of her fear of heights, Nikki grabs onto it. Using her pearl necklace, she's able to control its flight, and causes it to fly into a metro station and onto the tracks. Jumping off at the last second, she crashes the bat into an oncoming train.

Months later, Le Banc drinks in a yacht in the Bahamas, where another nest of these bats was found. With a crossbow with scope, Nikki aims the weapon at him and shoots.


  • This story takes place between the years of 1970, when Nikki was called as a Slayer (On Your Own, Part One), and 1977, when she doesn't survive a fight against Spike ("Fool for Love").
  • As the exact date isn't informed, it's unknown if Robin Wood was already born (1973) at this point. According to him, they moved from the United States but returned before he was one year old (On Your Own, Part One).



Organizations and titles[]



Death count[]

  • Li, killed by a vampire.
  • The giant bat demon, crashed into a train.

Behind the scenes[]


Pop culture references[]

  • Nikki has a poster of the human rights activist Malcolm X over her bed.


Nikki Wood: "Harlem. Sunrise. Beautiful. Li's my man. He's a cop. This morning he ruins everything."