This Night of Saint Vigeous deal, if they're gonna attack in force shouldn't we be thinkin': vacation?
Alexander Harris[src]

The Night of Saint Vigeous, also known as the Feast of Saint Vigeous, was the holy night of attack in vampire traditional society held every year on October 4. It commemorated the crusade led by the vampire Saint Vigeous through middle eastern locations such as Edessa and Harran, destroying everything in his path. Some vampires believed that during the Night of Saint Vigeous their power would reach its peak.

During the three nights preceding the Night of Saint Vigeous, vampires prepared by practicing fasting, self-mortification and reciting chantings in order to reach the Night of Saint Vigeous in a nearly berserker state.

In 1997, the surviving vampires of the Order of Aurelius sought to kill Buffy Summers, the Slayer, during the Night of Saint Vigeous, and whoever killed her would take the place of the Master. However, instead of waiting for the Night, the newcomer Spike led the Aurelian vampires in a failed siege on Sunnydale High which resulted in death of many of the Order's vampires, thus ruining the Night of Saint Vigeous.[1]

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