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New vampire[1][2][3] was a breed of vampires that were sired after the creation of a new Seed of Wonder. These vampires differed from their older counterparts in that they possessed newer and greater powers than the latter and even fewer vulnerabilities. Their existence was due to the restoration of magic on Earth paving the way for new universal rules to be formed;[1] because most humans viewed Dracula as the standard model for vampires, any vampires created following the restoration of magic possessed many of his abilities.[2]


After magic was restored to Earth by the new Seed of Wonder, Vicki awoke in a zompire nest in Santa Rosita as a newly-sired, fully-intelligent vampire with immunity to sunlight and the power to morph into a giant bat.[4]

Vicki and a pack of similar vampires formed a temporary alliance with the Scooby Gang in order to exterminate the town's zompire epidemic. Buffy timed the battle with the hordes of zompires to end at sunrise, hoping to drive Vicki and her friends away so the Slayer could regroup before inevitably having to kill Vicki and her companions. However, Vicki and her friends surprised the Scoobies when they were unharmed by the sunshine, and began to transform into bats, panthers, and wolves. Andrew recognized the similarity of their powers to those of Dracula and Toru, but Willow noted that she felt that the magic were newer, different, and inherently stronger.[5]


New vampires were almost physically indistinguishable from regular vampires, morphing into a vamp face with sharp teeth, pronounced brow ridges, and no eyebrows. However, their eyes would become bright red instead of yellow.[5] Vicki also exhibited the ability to assume her vampire eyes and fangs without fully assuming her vamp face.[6]

Powers and abilities[]

Not only do the new breed of vampires possessed new powers, such as shapeshifting and daywalking, but the normal physical powers inherent in a vampire were superior to the old breed.

With the exception of sunlight, the new vampires possessed the common weaknesses of vampires, such as fire, beheading,[1] holy water,[2] and impalement through the heart with a wooden object, though they were harder to stake.[5]

  • Strength: The new breed possessed greater physical strength than their ancestors. Vicki, a newborn vampire, was able to push a car to its side easily.[1] In comparison, Spike was a 100+ years old vampire and he could flip over a car slowly by exerting great effort.[7]
  • Speed: They were significantly faster than the vampires of the old breed were. Shane caught a crossbow bolt fired at him,[8] which only older vampires of the previous breed could, like Angel[9] or the Master.[10]
  • Durability: The new vampires were more difficult to stake than the older breed, requiring more effort from a human to stake them.[5] Lavinia described their skin as being hard as an elephant hide.[11]
  • Daywalking: New vampires were able to walk in the sun with no ill effects.[5] However, Buffy considered them too powerful and had Vicki agreeing to mute their shapeshifting powers during the day.[3]
  • Shapeshifting: The new breed possessed Dracula's ability to shift into a bat, wolf, panther, bee swarms, and mist.[5] However, Buffy considered them too powerful and had Vicki agreeing to mute their shapeshifting powers during the day.[3]

Known examples[]