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New Rules, Part Two is the second issue of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten comic book series. Written by Christos Gage and illustrated by Rebekah Isaacs, it was originally published on April 23, 2014, by Dark Horse Comics.


The Scoobies are back — including li'l Giles! Revelations about a new kind of vampire menace and the blank Vampyr book have only just begun. Everyone has a job to do, and for Buffy, it's treading the road of past relationships! Lucky girl…


The Scoobies are fighting Vicki and her gang of new vampires, when Vicki suddenly pushes a car and calls a retreat. The Scoobies are happy that Giles has returned once more to them, even as a child. As Faith and the rest of Deepscan turn to leave, Giles asks Faith if this is what she wants, but she says she's ok with it. Eldre Koh retreats as well. Anaheed and Billy Lane returned prepared for the vampires, while Andrew believes that there are new rules for the new Seed of Wonder, Giles explains he thinks its ridiculous. Buffy opens the van to get the Slayer Handbook to show Giles how it is completely blank. However, when he opens it, it suddenly has newly written pages.

The Scooby Gang takes off on a plane, while Giles observes the newly written pages, when he seemingly tells Buffy that the book was originally written to create the rules of magic. When they return home, Giles is annoyed with everyone's questions and tells them he is no longer the Giles that can fix everyone's problems. Buffy suddenly realizes Dowling is in the hospital and that they must find the being giving these shapeshifting power to these New Vampires, when she believes it is Dracula. Buffy asks Xander if he can visit him; when Xander says yes, he also asks Buffy for Dawn to come with him.

Buffy and Spike are walking to Dowling's home to pay him a visit. When he answers he seems happy to see them both. As Buffy talks alone with Dowling, she explains they should not attempt to date and just remain friends. She admits to putting her human loved ones in danger and mentions almost ruining Riley's life in the past. To her surprise, Dowling agrees with no resistance and hugs her warmly. Buffy later confides this to Spike and he tells her not to take it personal — Dowling is a good guy and to be truthful, their mystical (and often dangerous) lifestyle is hard on normal people.

Meanwhile, Xander and Dawn are flying to Transylvania. Xander enters the bathroom, telling himself that Dawn will break up with him soon as she finds out he betrayed Buffy. Anya (in ghost form) appears, reminding him of his situations and their marriage ending. When she says she is sorry, she asks Xander to talk things out with Dawn. Xander arrives at the doors of Dracula's castle with Dawn by his side. He stops her to explain he does love her and he is here to talk (good or bad), when Dracula suddenly opens the door. When Xander rushes in acting as Bad Cop, Dracula smiles knowingly, and Xander calls him: "Master."




Organization and titles[]




Rituals and spells[]

Death count[]

Unknown number of new vampires, dusted by the Scooby Gang, including:

  • One new vampire, staked by Faith.
  • One new vampire, staked by Buffy.
  • One new vampire, beheaded by Kennedy with a silver bullet.
  • One new vampire, magically incinerated by Willow.
  • One new vampire, incinerated by Spike.

Behind the scenes[]


  • This issue has an exclusive cover by Aly Fell for Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2014.
  • The Scoobies fly over the Golden Gate Bridge as they arrive in San Francisco.


  • New Rules, Part Two was the 114th best selling comic issue in its publishing month, with 21,804 sales in April 2014 at comic specialty stores.[2]


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Giles: "They're still vulnerable to stakes and fire! Their bodies just seem a bit sturdier. Extra effort is called for."
Xander: "Yeah — zits and squeaky voice aside, that some vintage Giles exposition."
Vicki: "We're losing too many. And there aren't enough of us yet. I'm calling a retreat."
Buffy: "Hey. Vicki the Vampire. You don't get to start a rumble, then run when it goes our way."
Andrew: "Um, alternate suggestion? Let her run."
Willow: "I can't believe Angel pulled it off. There's always so much that can go wrong with a resurrection."
Giles: "It was hardly without complications, but yes… I'm back. And, if you'll have me… back to stay."
Buffy: "Say 'if' again and I'll take you over my knee."
Giles: "That's ridiculous, Andrew. Only Slayers may commune with the Primitive, and only females can be Slayers."
Devon: "Oh yeah? Well, I'm his Watcher, and I say Billy broke the mold. Who are you, kid?"
Giles: "I am Rupert Giles, young man. The last of the Watchers' Council. And you sir, are no Watcher."
Anya: "Gee, that must be horrible, the person you love deciding they don't want to be with you anymore. And could there be a worse time and place to tell someone than this…? Wait. Yes."
Xander: "Okay! I get it. There's some karmic scale-balancing going on. I guess you haunting me and reminding me of my sins every two seconds wasn't in your face enough."