"Never Leave Me" is the ninth episode of the seventh and final season of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in which the Scooby Gang begins to realize the magnitude of their peril.

The Summers' home gains two captives: Spike and Andrew.

Quotes and trivia

Buffy: "He's been feeding on humans for weeks. having some pretty bad withdrawal. I think we need to get him some blood."
Willow: "Want me to kill Anya?"
  • Andrew and the First in the guise of Warren again provide us with no end of Star Trek references.
  • When Andrew at the butcher shop, the butcher says "This is a butcher shop, Neo, we don't sell toothpaste," a reference to The Matrix and Andrew's new "look".
  • "I was going to bleed Andrew, but you look a lot better with your shirt off" -- The First appreciating Spike's physique
  • "Usually the operative completes his task and either blows his head off or steals a submarine." -- Xander giving the Hollywood version of sleepers
  • "We are still masters of our fate. We are still captain of our souls." -- Quentin Travers, in response to the Bringers' attacks on Watchers' Council operations around the world, shortly before he dies in the explosion of the Council Headquarters in London
  • Travers' words are quoted from a September 9, 1941 speech by Winston Churchill, who in turn was paraphrasing the final two lines of the William Ernest Henley poem Invictus.
  • As Andrew jumps to kill the Piglet, he shouts "That'll do, Pig", a famous line from the movie Babe.Wikipedia Never Leave Me on Wikipedia
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