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While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse.

Nemesis is a novel by Scott Ciencin & Denise Ciencin centered around Angel and his team.


One of Fred's old friends from graduate school contacts her for help at a big scientific facility. Fred has conflicted feelings about her past, and the life she might be able to lead independent of demons. However on the night they are supposed to meet, her friend is shot down, a seemingly innocent victim of a misdirected hit. Angel and the others wish they could help Fred, but are needed to investigate a series of murders among a group of wizards. The wizards are the only ones standing against an apocalyptic breach; they are literally holding the walls of reality together from more-deadly worlds. Fred leaves the investigation and takes the place of her friend as researcher to try to uncover her murder. Soon the supernatural and the scientific research collide, and Fred realizes she might be the only one who can stop the coming end-time.


The events took place after "Orpheus" but before "Players".



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  • The promotional picture of the book cover has the wrong tagline.
  • Setting: Season 4.

Pop Culture References


Connor: "Tell it to someone who cares."
- Nemesis, p. 317