Me necromancer. You...dead.
―Magnus Hainsley[src]
Nercomancy-demon transfer

Magnus Hainsly transfer a demonic spirit into a human body.

Necromancers were a type of magic practioner that was adept manipulating the dead.

Several creatures such as zombies, vampires, ghosts and Flesh Golems were vulnerable to necromancy. Magnus Hainsley was a notable necromancer, known for his ability to transfer demon spirits into human corpses. Amy Madison also has used a zombie army when she attacks Slayer Organization QG on Scotland and possibly to maintain Warren Mears in animation. In his full form, Eyghon the Sleepwalker has total control on zombies. The Sculptor had control only on his army of Flesh Golem.

Powers and abilities

And the dead shall rise! Just 'cause I say so.
―Magnus Hainsley[src]
Necromancy control

Magnus immobilizes Angel

Necromancers had the ability to exert physical control over any kind of dead and undead creature, including vampires, ghosts, and zombies, being capable of manipulating the actions - such as speaking or moving - of an undead. At one point, when Hainsley took control of Angel, he claimed that he could dust him without a stake. He also transported Spike to his house from a distance.

Necromancers also had the ability to transfer spirits, either human or demon, into dead or undead bodies, as well as raising the dead. In the case of transferring spirits into sentient undead, according to Spike, the original consciousness of host body would cease to exist.

Notable Necromancers