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Nash and his sister Pearl were powerful half-demons who were in the service of Twilight. They drew strength from primal emotions and could generate weapons of energy as well as blast green beams from their eyes. Their mother was a human who intentionally bred with a demon, believing that their children represented the "next stage of evolution." Trying to impress their master, the two of them massacred an entire Slayer squad with the exception of Nadira. After the downfall of Twilight, Pearl and Nash were recruited by Whistler to take vengeance on Angel and to somehow "save the world" and bring forth the next step of evolution.


Early History

In 1935, Nash, along with Pearl was born to a human, who intentionally bred with a demon, believing her children to be the next step in evolution. In 1940, at the age of five, they were schooled regularly by their mother about their "greater purpose" and taught to uphold and live up to it the best way they could. 

In 1970, Pearl and Nash both followed their mother's plan and bred with demons themselves. All of their children were killed by monster-hunters however, among then Alasdair Coames. Their mother then suggested to them that instead of breeding with demons, they breed with humans posessing strong magic, since not being able to blend in made their children vulnerable. [1]

At some point, Nash proposed marriage to Lavinia and Sophronia Fairweather to make them his dual-brides, but they stole his engagement ring, the Ring of Narcissius, and left.

Working for "Twilight"

Many years later, Nash and Pearl were approched by Twilight who told them of his plans to create a new, evolved universe, which along with his promise of bloodshed made them agree to work for him. Under his leadership, they killed a squad of slayers.


After Angel renegaded on the Twilight affair, Pearl and Nash vowed revenge against him and began working for Whistler, something their mother supported. After the loss of magic, their mother was no longer able to prolong her life and asked her children to kill her.

Nadira vs Nash

Nash severely burns Nadira

After aligning himself with Whistler in an attempt to exact vengeance on Angel and fulfill his part in evolution, Nash would later be stabbed in the back by a fatally burned Nadira and then killed by Faith afterwards.[2]

Behind the Scenes

  • Artist Rebekah Isaacs partly modeled Nash's appearance on David Bowie's "Thin White Duke" persona. This was referenced in Angel & Faith #21, when Faith calls Nash "David Bowie". 


Angel & Faith

Spike: A Dark Place


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