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I was going to say Cassio. I hate her.
―Nancy's thoughts[src]

Nancy Doyle was a Sunnydale High School student. While studying Othello in English class one day, she was surprised, as well as angry, when Buffy Summers answered questions asked by the teacher, Ms. Murray. The following day, Nancy was interrogated by Willow Rosenberg as part of the Scooby Gang attempt to discover the potential killer that Buffy had mind-read, finding Willow's questions strange. Some minutes later, Nancy was at the school's fountain court, where she saw Buffy's efforts to reach the school's tower she was quick to state that she could've done the same.


I could have done that.
―Nancy, after seeing Buffy's acrobatics[src]

Nancy was very studious and competitive. She sought to excel in academic assignments and earn the approval of teachers such as Ms. Murray. Because of this, she was quick to feel envy when someone outshone her. Buffy earned Nancy's envy and hate after Ms. Murray was dismissive of Nancy's answers, while at the same time praising Buffy's.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Lauren Roman.
  • Nancy shares her surname with Allen Francis Doyle, a main character on the first season of Angel.