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Mystery of Acathla was a book from Rupert Giles's occult collection[1] in the Sunnydale High School library.[2][3][4]


Buffy Summers used this book in 1998 in her research at the library on Angel's return from Acathla's dimension, having selected as well the book Exploring Demon Dimensions.[2]

The Mystery of Acathla was among other books on the library's table while the Scooby Gang researched the source for Buffy's weakness, during her Tento di Cruciamentum.[3]

The book was then used by Rupert Giles during a research concerning the Box of Gavrok, identifying the recipe for the Breath of the Atropyx ritual. He lent the book to Alexander Harris so he could get the necessary ingredients.[4]

In 2000, the Scoobies researched Giles's personal collection in his apartment to find out about Fyarl demons. Anya read from the Mystery of Acathla, but the information was found in another book.[1]

Months later, the book was present in Giles' mystical dream, in which the dreamed Willow Rosenberg used it in a research on what could be attacking the Scooby Gang in their sleep.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The screen used Mystery of Acathla book was made using the 1851 book Science and the Bible by Herbert Morris.