Mystery of Acathla was a book available at Sunnydale High School library.


Buffy Summers used this book in 1998 in her research at the library on Angel's return from Acathla's dimension, having selected as well the book Exploring Demon Dimensions.[1]

The Mystery of Acathla was among other books on the library's table while the Scooby Gang researched the source for Buffy's weakness, during her Tento di Cruciamentum.[2]

The book was then used by Rupert Giles during a research concerning the Box of Gavrok, identifying the recipe for the Breath of the Atropyx ritual. He lent the book to Alexander Harris so he could get the necessary ingredients.[3]

In 2000, the Scoobies researched Giles's personal collection in his apartment to find out about Fyarl demons. Anya read from the Mystery of Acathla, but the information was found in another book.[4]

Months later, the book was present in Giles' mystical dream, in which the dreamed Willow Rosenberg used it in a research on what could be attacking the Scooby Gang in their sleep.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The screen used Mystery of Acathla book was made using the 1851 book Science and the Bible by Herbert Morris.



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