Wesley using the Mutari generator with Illyria

The Mutari generator was high-tech laser cannon invented by Wesley Wyndam-Pryce to significantly depower Illyria before she could explode.

Background and History

When Illyria began to become unstable, Wesley created the generator to remove her powers to stop her from exploding. While he initially claimed that it would kill her, he later admitted that this was a lie. This caused Illyria to slaughter Team Angel before her unstable powers allowed Angel to change time. When Illyria was close to exploding, Illyria reluctantly agreed to allow Wesley to use the device on her. Wesley drained a good deal of her power, leaving her significantly weakened but still very powerful.

After the Fall of Los Angeles and the disappearance of Wolfram & Hart, the Scourge acquired it by unknown means and used it to resurrect Baticus.

After Illyria's and Gunn's victory its whereabouts are unknown, or even if it still exists or functions.

Mutari generator

The Mutari Generator at the hands of The Scourge.


The generator created a pinhole to an infinite extra-dimensional space, which acted like a negatively-charged pocket universe. The artificial space could store immense amounts of radiant energy and demonic power, even that of an Old One.