Mummy was a term employed to refer to corpses whose bodies were preserved to prevent further destruction and decay post-mortem. Similar to Zombies, mummies could be reanimated through magic, though they could retain their memories, personalities, vocalization, and free will (something rare for zombies).

Characteristics Edit

The only definitive example of a mummy's characteristics was the mummification and re-awakening of an Incan Mummy Princess (who used the aliases "Ampata") who needed to absorb the life force of other humans in order to maintain her human appearance and her life. Through oral contact, the Peruvian Princess would drain the life-force of other humans, temporarily recuperating and maintaining her youthful appearance while the victim was killed and left in a mummified state. This process was involuntary, as "Ampata" called upon her willpower to kiss Xander without killing him and even so she drained some of his life-force, leaving him briefly dazed. This implied that, contrary to zombies who retained traces of their cause of death (wounds and marks), mummies had regenerative powers.

Notable Mummy Incidents Edit

  • In 1997, the bully Rodney Munson accidently broke the Inca Sacred Seal provoking the Inca Mummy's awakening. After escaping the museum, she drained the life force from the Peruvian student Ampata Gutierrez and stole his identity. Her real identity was discovered by the Slayer Buffy Summers, intrigued that she had male clothes.
  • In 2001, when temporary working into the Magic Box, Buffy was confronted by a Living Mummy Hand, after a witch customer wanted to buy it for a prosperity spell.
  • In 2004, Knox mentioned to Winifred Burkle, who initially supposed that Illyria's Sarcophagus contained a mummy, that mummies could be a lot more trouble than she thought. It implies that Egyptian mummies exist also.
  • Spike mentioned to Fred that he had fought against mummies in the past, implying that they were hideous.


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