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Mrs. Maclay was a witch, the wife of Mr. Maclay, and the mother of Tara and Donald Maclay.

Tara once described her as a powerful witch, and even compared the level of her power to that of Willow Rosenberg during her early years of studying witchcraft. Apparently, out of the Maclay family, Mrs. Maclay was the only one who had an affectionate familial relationship with Tara, whom she also taught magic from a young age.

When she passed away in 1997, her husband convinced the rest of the family that her magical powers actually emanated from a demon heritage that manifested itself when she was twenty-years-old; a fate that also awaited Tara due to her having inherited her mother's magic.

It was evident that Mrs. Maclay's death was a devastating blow to Tara, who was only seventeen-years-old when she passed away, and the pain was made all the more intolerable by her father's claim of her supposed demonic heritage, she underwent a brief rebellious period of lying to her father and staying out all night, and eventually moved away without telling anyone.

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