Mrs. Epps was the mother of Daryl and Chris Epps. After the death of her eldest son, she fell into a heavy depression, staying at home all night and constantly watching videos of Daryl's games while smoking. She lived with her youngest son, in a house with a living room (with a small TV and a couch) and Chris' bedroom, which had many 'keep out' signs on the door. The front door was white with stained glass.

When her son Chris told her he was going out, she ignored him and kept her eyes on the television. She answered the door when Buffy came over to their house. She said nothing and retreated back to the couch. When Buffy entered and asked if Chris was home, she summarised the football game in detail. Buffy asked again, but she didn't even know if it was a school day, and was more involved in watching Daryl's game on the TV and explained the move Daryl did. She then said he "would have been nineteen [that] week."

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • She was portrayed by Melanie MacQueen.
  • Melanie MacQueen is a voice actress, but she does not say anything the first two times she was on screen, only speaking in one scene.

Appearances Edit

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