You named your stake? [...] Remind me to get you a stuffed animal.
Buffy Summers[src]

Mr. Pointy was the stake Kendra Young gave Buffy Summers.


According to Kendra, Mr. Pointy was her lucky stake, and she had killed many vampires with it.[1]

In 1998, she gave it to Buffy so she could use it to stake Angelus if Willow Rosenberg's Ritual of Restoration did not work. While facing the vampire, Buffy wielded the stake to threaten him, until she noticed a trap had been set against her friends, and left in attempt to save them.[1]

Buffy kept Mr. Pointy even after the incident. When reflecting about not having her Slayer powers, Buffy described a future in which she would show people the stake after having it bronzed.[2] She also mentioned using it to slay a vampire working for Richard Wilkins,[3] and that she kept it by her bed alike a "safety blanket".[4] When her roommate at college, Kathy Newman, looked into a bag in Buffy's closet, Mr. Pointy was one of the many weapons hidden there.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit


Original Mr. Pointy on display.

  • In 2014, a licensed 12-inch Mr. Pointy plush toy was produced by Quantum Mechanix.[6]
  • According to actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, she kept one of the Mr. Pointy prop stakes used on set.[7]
  • The original wood "Hero" Mr. Pointy is in the horror collection of Paul Allen, along with the original Nighthawk Stake, at the Museum of Pop Culture.



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