There is no 'E'. They always go for the 'E'.
―Mr. Miller playing 'Hangman' with his students[src]

Mr. Miller was a Sunnydale High history teacher.

Mr. Miller was as a sarcastic man who followed the rules, yelling at students for running in the hall or being loud. In 1998, when teaching the New Deal to his class, the spirit of James Stanley made him inadvertently write "DON'T WALK AWAY FROM ME, BITCH" on the chalk board in front of his students. On the last day of classes in 1999, he did not allow students a free day, forcing them to stay in class and play hangman. In his own gruff way, however, he does seem to have cared for his students, to do his best in the bizarre environment of Sunnydale to educate them, and prepare them for the world. In 2002, it seems that Mr. Miller still teaches in the renewed Sunnydale High School. One of his students was the Potential Slayer Amanda.

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