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Everything has been taken away because daddy made a little mistake on his taxes... for the last twelve years.
―Cordelia Chase[src]

Mr. Chase was the wealthy father of Cordelia Chase.

Biography[edit | edit source]

He spoiled Cordelia through high school and allowed her to use his car, unaware she would take it to a make-out lane to do things that would compromise his belief that his daughter was still a "good girl". Cordelia was attacked by a werewolf during one of these activities, resulting in the car's roof being damaged, which worried her, as her father just had the car detailed.

Months later, when Cordelia's school started selling candy bars, her father was one of the customers and was turned into a teenager because of its mystical effects. This caused him to lock himself in their bathroom with copies of Esquire.

In 1999, around the time of Cordelia's senior prom, her father was sent to prison after 12 years of tax evasion, forcing a broke Cordelia to work at April Fools to purchase her prom dress and then leave for Los Angeles after graduation to pursue an acting career.

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