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Mosaic Wellness Center was a rehabilitation center for supernatural beings, ranging from demons to humans with supernatural abilities.


The Mosaic compound was built in the early 1900s by Ivo Shandor and his followers, with the intention of cutting out what he believed was the cancer in society: the supernatural. Shandor sealed the entrance of the building with a powerful spell that prevented anything supernatural from even leaving it.[1]

Shandor's followers on the outside would drag monsters through the desert of Primm and toss them through the entrance. Since Shandor himself was a vessel for black magic, he could never leave the building he created, so he eventually perished still inside Mosaic.[1]

By the year 2004, Mosaic had became a rehabilitation clinic where supernatural beings could be cured of their demonic nature.[2] Spike, then an ensouled vampire, was tricked into admitting himself to the center by the parents of one of his past victims. He was met with a maximum security prison from which inmates were unable to leave. The process of commitment involved having one of Mah Zinn's spawns implanted inside each patient's skull via the inner ear, in order to enforce his control by making them cause intense pain or even death whenever he judged necessary.[3]


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