Morituri was a demon species from a hell dimension.


According to Rupert Giles, these demons lacked higher brain function, so they were bred for inter-hell conflicts and suicide missions. Their behavior would be to kill as many of the enemy as possible before being brought down itself.

A Morituri was employed by Archaeus to attack the Scooby Gang, who was able to collectively defeat the single demon.[1]

Physiology and powers

A Morituri specimen exhibited green skin, sharp teeth, no eyes, and a long tail that shoot poisonous thorns. Despite being bipedal creature, its four piercing claws allowed it to crawl, climb, and hang itself from a wall and the ceiling.

Its skin was thick enough to resist blade, but being caught on fire by trespassing a protective spell made it easy to decapitate the Morituri.[1]

Behind the scenes



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