Morgan was introduced after Spike left behind San Francisco; he met her in the ruins of Sunnydale. She was courtesan demon, a kind of succubus, and seemed overtly sultry and flirtatious with Spike.


When Nash and Pearl were shocked to discover that the shards of the seed had not been where Spike had led them to, Morgan appeared and confirmed that she had been the one to take them (much to Spike's surprise). She had explained to the vampire that she had been searching for a way back to her demon home-world and that it was much harder since all the portals had been closed following the end of magic. As expected, the siblings did not believe her story and immediately attacked. A fight broke out but with the help of the escaped bugs, they managed to kill the demons. Morgan offically introduced herself to Spike and revealed that many demons were after the shards of the seed, only to be interrupted by Pearl and Nash.[1]




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