Morgala was a dragon worshipped by vampires and defeated by Buffy Summers in her dreams. In this dream, in which she was back in 1997, Buffy was informed that a group of vampires wished to awaken the powerful dragon Morgala. Buffy was disappointed as she wanted to attend a party.

Morgala in BTVS Season 8

Morgala was awakened when the vampires inserted a large, red jewel into a stone statue. Buffy managed to jump onto Morgala before he could fly away. He led her on a flight over Sunnydale and even tried to eat Buffy. Buffy was able to use her Slayer strength to force the dragon's mouth back open. At one point during the fight, Buffy lost one of her boots, which fell down toward the earth and landed on Cordelia Chase's head, who at the time was gossiping about Buffy not attending the party. Buffy was able to defeat Morgala by removing the red jewel from the dragon's head, causing Morgala to vanish.

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