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Mordractus was an ancient and powerful sorcerer from Ireland, specializing in using creatures and spells from Gaelic fairy tales.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Although Mordractus had extended his life for centuries with the aid of his magic, his most recent attempt to summon a demon to aid him- this demon being an ancient creature known as Balor, capable of destroying entire armies with a gaze from his single giant eye- proved to be a serious drain on his life energies. With time running out to complete the ritual, Mordractus sought new ways to extend his life, unwilling to face the consequences of angering the demons he had made deals with as part of his efforts to summon Balor.

Mordractus eventually found what he was looking for when he learned about the existence of Angel, an immortal being who possessed a soul, and the very condition Mordractus himself sought to duplicate as the spells he used required him to retain his soul as an 'identification tag' for the demons he was summoning. Having questioned a few associates from Angel's past, Mordractus eventually decided to lure Angel into a trap using the recently-deceased Karinna Willitts, daughter of film producer Jack Willitts- Mordractus using a shape-shifting fae servant of his to assume Karinna's appearance-, as she resembled a girl the recently-ensoulled Angel had failed to save from one of the Master's minions; Mordractus guessed that her resemblance to someone Angel failed to protect would cause him to focus on her safety more than he should.

Although Mordractus was able to capture Angel and summon a demon to begin a ritual that would transfer Angel's essence to him- thus granting him immortality and a soul while leaving Angel dead as the ritual required the demon to tear his head off-, Angel was able to escape Mordractus's binding circle as it was only designed to contain men rather than demons. Deprived of its promised sacrifice, the demon took Mordractus into Hell instead.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

A powerful sorceror, Mordractus was at least two centuries old- to the point where he felt obligated to clarify which 'twenties' he was referring to in a conversation with Angel-, his magic specializing in summoning creatures from Gaelic myth as there was little outside information available about those creatures beyond the borders of their country of origin. He was capable of summoning minor illusions and inducing fatal brain tumors in a human with relatively little effort, but had made several pacts with various higher demon lords for more complicated spells such as his attempt to summon Balor back into the world.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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