A terrible sufferer, but with us he found relief at once. Nature embraced him.

Monroe was a werewolf of English origin who sought to control his werewolf side and joined Oz's community in Tibet, where he found the peace and relief he sought.

However, after he returned to western society to spread the word of what the community had accomplished, he lost focus and became the leader of a group of werewolves with beliefs similar to those of Veruca. Afterward, Monroe and his followers returned to attack the community, killing many, but he was attacked by Bayarmaa, who transformed into a werewolf to defend herself and Oz.

Alongside his pack, Monroe returned to Oz's monastery to fight with the Slayer army against Twilight's army. Monroe reasoned that Oz and his allies had came to his side as they were fighting to preserve magic.

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Monroe possessed the common powers and weaknesses of a werewolf. After Oz and Bayarmaa taught him how to control his transformations, he was able to change back and forth between human and wolf forms at will, regardless of the time of day.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Monroe appeared to have died in a flashback in Retreat, Part Two when Bay tore into his throat, but reappears alive in Retreat, Part Four. When asked about this, editor Scott Allie answered that Monroe wasn't supposed to seem dead, saying, "Shit. Yeah, he does look kinda dead there, huh? He wasn't supposed to be dead. He wasn't dead. Bay didn't kill him. But yeah, we got too nasty with the blood there, I guess." [1] The trade paperback seems to fix the issue, changing one of Bayarmaa's lines of dialogue from saying she made him a martyr, to stating that "he recovered, but now there's terrible bitterness between the groups."

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