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Everything I ever wanted, everything I planned for. My life... It's all changed. It won't never be the same.
―Mollie Prater[src]

Mollie Prater was a Slayer called in 1886, Kentucky.


Mollie was a simple 15 year old girl living in Pike County, Kentucky to be married to Harly Meade. In the week before the ceremony, she noticed an increase in her strength and agility, as well as strange dreams. Her town had been often attacked by a man-beast — a Raksha demon —, and Mollie was the only one that faced it and survived.

Her wedding day was interrupted by the creature and the appearance of a stranger, Ethan Bentley, who informed her that she was the Slayer. Mollie killed the demon, but this made the wedding guests become wary and reject her, including her fiance. Mollie, who dreamed of becoming a housewife after this day, concluded her life wouldn't ever be the same.[1]



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