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They're pretty powerful assassins, Soldiers of Darkness kind of thing...
Allen Francis Doyle[src]

Mohra demons were a species of powerful and feared demon warriors. They were known for hunting down warriors of the Powers That Be.


The End of Days has begun and cannot be stopped. For any one of us who falls, ten shall rise.
Unidentified Mohra Demon[src]

A Mohra demon appeared in Los Angeles at the time Buffy Summers traveled there to meet with Angel. He attacked the pair at the Angel Investigations offices but escaped after being injured. The former couple tracked the demon to the sewers, where the Mohra faced Angel after he separated from Buffy. While they fought, Angel managed to overpower the Mohra and stab him with his own blade, their bloods mixing in the process. The Mohra collapsed, seemingly dead, while Angel was turned into a human being.[1]

The Mohra was not dead, however, just regenerating. After a vision from Allen Francis Doyle, Angel decided to confront the demon, who was now stronger than before and taunted the former vampire with the coming of the End of Days. Buffy appeared to fight the demon as well and save Angel, though the Mohra was now even stronger than a Slayer. However, during the fight, Angel finally understood how to defeat the demon and killed him by smashing the jewel in his forehead. Afterwards, Angel requested the Oracles to fold time in order to prevent his transformation into human. Having kept the memories of the erased day, Angel killed the Mohra demon as soon as it crashed into his office by smashing the jewel with a clock.[1]

Information on Mohra demons could be found in the Book of Kelsor.[1]


...veins run with the blood of eternity...

Mohra demons were humanoid in appearance and had green skin. They possessed superhuman strength and stamina and also required vast quantities of salt to live. The blood of a Mohra, known as the Blood of Eternity, was colored green, glowed, and had regenerative properties, making them virtually immortal. This blood could also heal other beings, and was capable of transforming Angel back into a human being when his blood mixed with the Mohra's. The Mohras were also skilled warriors; a single one was able to fight both Angel and Buffy to a stalemate.[1]


A Mohra demon being harvested for its blood.

If severely injured, Mohras would regenerate and grow both in size and strength. The only way to kill a Mohra was to "bring darkness to thousand eyes", which did not refer to the Mohra's physical eyes, but to destroying the red jewel embedded in their foreheads.[1]

Following the destruction of the Seed of Wonder, and hence the end of magic, it has been revealed that Mohra blood, instead of simply healing injuries, then triggers perpetual painful regeneration in those who used it, with their bodies resembling massive tumors.[2]