Oh, it's not her arm I'm lookin' to be on.
―Mitch Fargo on Cordelia Chase[src]

Mitch Fargo was a Sunnydale High student who dated Cordelia Chase.


Due to his connection to Cordelia, Mitch was targeted by the invisible Marcie Ross who severely beat him with a baseball bat in the boys' locker room. Buffy Summers later questioned him about his attack before he was wheeled to the hospital. Cordelia was was not very affected by Mitch's beating, only bothered by the fact his injuries would ruin their year book photos. After Marcie was taken away during a confrontation between and Cordelia, Mitch was back at school, recovered but still visibly bruised when he found Cordelia talking to the likes of Buffy, Xander Harris and Willow Rosenberg. When asked why she was talking to people as unpopular as them, Cordelia claimed she was "being charitable" when she was actually thanking them for helping her. Mitch and Cordelia apparently broke up soon after since was next seen with Kevin Benedict.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Ryan James Bittle.


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