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She's had a rough time of it. Brutal. But she's a good woman, at the heart of it.
―Allen Francis Doyle[src]

Misty was a friend of Allen Francis Doyle. She met him prior to the founding of Angel Investigations.


Misty had a brief friendship with Doyle. She was aware of his visions and comforted him in times of distress. Doyle once loaned her five dollars but was later unable to recall the reason why. Though Doyle had a high regard for Misty, he did not know her last name or where she lived, suggesting they were more acquaintances than close friends.

Shortly before her demise, Doyle received a vision of Misty's death, motivating him to save her. Unfortunately, Doyle is too late and Misty is brutally murdered and disemboweled by a demon in her hotel room. Her organs are sold at an human organ store. Due to her death, she is unable to give Doyle back the five dollars she owed.


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