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There's a reason these vengeance crusades are out of style. It's the modern vampire who sees the big picture.
―Mister Trick[src]

Mister Trick was a modern vampire who worked with Kakistos[1] and, later, Mayor Richard Wilkins.[2]


Early life[]

About Mr. Trick's life as a human, he once quipped to the Mayor: "If this is the part where you tell me that I don't fit in here in your quiet little neighborhood, you can just skip it. 'Cause, see, that got old long before I became a vampire, if you know what I saying."[3]

Working for Kakistos[]

In late 1998, Mr. Trick arrived in Sunnydale in a limo with Kakistos, to hunt down Faith Lehane. Unlike Kakistos, who was driven by bloodlust and killer instinct, Mr. Trick was an innovator who enjoyed comfort and preferred not to get his hands dirty.[1]

Considering Kakistos retrograde and "cheap," Trick abandoned him to meet his demise at the hands of Faith.[1]

SlayerFest '98[]

The video message for SlayerFest '98.

After Kakistos's death, Mr. Trick relocated at a mansion where he arranged and hosted SlayerFest '98, assembling a group of competitors, human and demon alike, each of whom gambled a large amount of money for the chance to hunt down and kill the Slayers Faith and Buffy Summers. Having never seen Faith, the assassins mistook Cordelia Chase for the second Slayer.[3]

After the contest failed, Trick was taken by police and drafted into serving Mayor Richard Wilkins as the leader of his vampire minions.[3]  

Working for the Mayor[]

Mr. Trick escaping.

As part of a plot to obtain the tribute that Wilkins required to pay the demon Lurconis, Trick hired magic-user Ethan Rayne. Ethan was able to cause a distraction by feeding nearly every adult in Sunnydale cursed Milkbar chocolate bars, which provided him with the chance to gather enough infants as Lurconis' food. Although, the tribute was ruined when Buffy killed Lurconis before it could devour the infants. Trick managed to survive the encounter, but he was put into deep water with the Mayor.[2]

Deputy Mayor Allan Finch later had Trick arrange a "welcoming committee" when Spike returned to Sunnydale, consisting of a large group of Spike's former vampire lackeys to fight him.[4]


Oh, this is no good. This is no good at all.
―Mr. Trick's last words.[src]

Trick dies before he could bite Buffy.

In 1999, while Mr. Trick initially acted as Wilkins' middle-man, assisting him in the beginning of his Ascension,[5] he later went on to be his personal hit man, which eventually proved to be his undoing. After Finch's death at the hands of Faith, Trick led a small team of vampires to personally eliminate Buffy and Faith at the Sunnydale docks under the Mayor's orders.[6]

He managed to injure Buffy and had her at his mercy by choking her with his tie, but, as he gloated that he would now taste the Slayer's blood, he was then staked through the back by Faith. Hours later, Mr. Trick's position was filled by Faith herself.[6]


Ordinarily, I like other people to do my fighting, but I just have to see what you got.
―Mr. Trick to Buffy Summers[src]

Unlike his ancient master Kakistos, Mr. Trick was a modernist technophile. He considered time-honored customs like hunting outdated, enjoying instead the amenities of modern occidental life, such as money and fast food employees, pizza delivery boys,[1] and human traffic to obtain victims.[citation needed]

Mr. Trick was pragmatic, abandoning his master Kakistos[1] and paying Ethan Rayne for his services despite the tribute being ruined, considering Ethan a resource and not wanting to "burn that bridge."[2] He also preferred to remain behind the scenes and letting others do the fighting for him.[citation needed]

Trick mentioned enjoying Marmaduke: "Nobody can tell Marmaduke what to do. That's my kinda dog."[5]

Behind the scenes[]