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I keep thinking: 'Okay, that's the cutest thing ever,' and then she does something cuter and completely resets the whole scale.
Willow Rosenberg[src]

Miss Kitty Fantastico was the pet cat of Tara Maclay and Willow Rosenberg. She was a tuxedo cat in coloration, with primarily black fur, white rear feet, a white stripe from her chin to chest, and a small spot of white fur around her nose.[1]


In 2000, Tara told Willow about her plans of getting a cat. Not a familiar, but simply as a pet, that she could call Trixie or Miss Kitty Fantastico. Willow noted that UC Sunnydale did not allow animals in dorms, so Tara declared that it would be a sneaky cat. Tara confirmed with her girlfriend that she did not dislike cats nor had any allergies, and Willow was excited about playing with a kitty.[2]

Days later, Tara got a kitten. While playing with her, Willow remarked how her small actions were cute, such as her yawning. They called her Miss Kitty Fantastico, although Tara mentioned they should get the cat a real name. Tara suggested the cat would be theirs instead of just hers.[1] Willow dreamed of Miss Kitty playing with a ball of yarn when she and the Scooby Gang were attacked by Sineya in their dreams.[3]

In 2003, Dawn Summers mentioned an unfortunate past incident involving a crossbow lying around and Miss Kitty Fantastico.[4]

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