Miss Edith speaks out of turn. She is a bad example and will have no cakes today.

Miss Edith was one of Drusilla's dolls she had with her in Sunnydale in 1997. She often personified Miss Edith, the only doll referred to by name, describing its actions and needs.

History[edit | edit source]

Drusilla maintained Miss Edith in her bedroom in the Bric & Broc abandoned factory,[1][2][3] but would also carry the doll[4][5] and even take it to have tea.[6] When Drusilla moved to the Crawford Street mansion, she also brought Miss Edith with her.[5]

Drusilla would punish the doll for speaking out of turn, as it was a "bad example" for the other dolls, and gag each of them with a ribbon,[1] as Miss Edith was maintained most of the time.[3][5] She would also deprive Miss Edith of cakes, and faced it the other way so that it would be the only doll that could not watch her siring Sheila Martini.[1] Despite gagged, Miss Edith was apparently allowed to watch her torturing Angel.[3] The doll was left in the mansion after Drusilla left Sunnydale.[7]

In 2001, while in the Wolfram & Hart Los Angeles branch building, Drusilla had a similar blond doll in her arms. She continued holding it when Darla appeared to take her, but Drusilla apparently dropped the doll during their fight before they hit the streets.[8] Some time later, Drusilla left a doll in the cargo compartment of the train she traveled to Sunnydale. This brown-haired doll was blindfolded with a ribbon, unable to "watch" the massacred passengers.[9]

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