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I just bought twenty ‘cocorific’ candy bars.
Rupert Giles[src]

Milkbar was the brand of a cursed chocolate bar distributed in Sunnydale in 1998.


Boxes of this candy were distributed at Sunnydale High School for its students to sell, in order to raise money for the marching band’s new uniforms. Unknowingly to them, the candy had been cursed during their production by Ethan Rayne in partnership with Mister Trick, so the adult population of Sunnydale began behaving like their past teenagers selves as they eat the chocolate.

The plan was so the mayhem the city grew into without the responsibility of adults would allow the Mayor Richard Wilkins to take tribute to Lurconis: babies for the demon to eat. Indeed, authoritative figures like Principal Snyder, mother Joyce Summers, Watcher Rupert Giles, and teacher Mrs. Barton regressed into reckless teenagers, abandoning their responsibilities and even committing crimes. The Slayer Buffy Summers had to assume their position of supervision, and eventually stopped Luconis, killing the demon.

The chocolate apparently had addictive proprieties, as those who ate it would continue to do so impulsively. Although, all the effects of the curse would fade with time, as in the next day the adults were themselves again. Notably, teenager Alexander Harris ate the cursed candy and experienced no change in his behavior.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • According to the "Sunnydale High Yearbook" novel, the chocolate sale earned $600,000 for the band.
  • In Angel episode "Spin the Bottle", a memory spell gone wrong had similar results, reducing the members of Angel Investigations into their teenager selves as they lose all of their memories after their first 16 years.