Michael is whatever the boy of "witch" is, plus being the poster child for yuck.
―Cordelia Chase[src]

Michael Czajak was a Sunnydale High student and a warlock.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In his early teens Michael developed an interest in witchcraft. By his senior year, Michael had become friends with Amy Madison and Willow Rosenberg, who had a similar interest in witchcraft. Among other rituals, the three worked on a protection spell for Buffy Summers' birthday. However, shortly before they performed the spell two children were found dead by Joyce Summers, with the symbol used in the spell on their hands.

Joyce Summers then organized Mothers Opposed to the Occult, an anti-occultism movement, to take back Sunnydale from the monsters and witches. Their first act was a raid on the school during which magical items were found in the lockers of Michael, Amy, and Willow, who were subsequently taken to Principal Snyder's office for questioning.

That night, Michael was attacked by his father and his friends. However, he managed to escape and warn the Scooby Gang that people were being taken from their homes to Town Hall for some sort of trial. While Michael was hidden in the Sunnydale High library, the Scooby Gang was eventually able to save Buffy and Willow as well as defeat the demon that was causing the paranoia. Unfortunately Amy was trapped in the form of a rat as a result of her own spell. After that Michael and Willow continually tried to turn Amy back but were unable to.

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