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I just messenger from the ones who love truly.
―The "Messenger"[src]

"Messenger" was how one of the original demon worshipers of Jasmine, known to his people as the "Blessed Devourer", referred to himself. He had been sent to summon her back, hiding in the sewers as he prepared a ritual of flesh magic to draw her attention. While preparing this ritual, he attacked various sewer residents, culminating in him capturing Wesley Wyndam-Pryce as he tortured a vampire. During the subsequent conversation, Wesley was able to learn that Jasmine had a name that would have power over her that was known to the High Priests of the Messenger's world, and that the creature's realm had an atmosphere that was toxic to humans. As the Messenger prepared to kill Wesley, Angel arrived and defeated the creature. Wesley was then able to activate the creature's portal-generating orb to allow Angel to travel to his dimension to find Jasmine's name.

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