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I like trouble, but I hate chaos.

Mesektet was the fifth and most malevolent totem of the Ra-Tet. Mesektet was infamously known for appearing in the form of a little girl in a red dress. She represented sunset.


Illustration representing Mesektet

Since she was the second and most malevolent of the dark totems, her core was comprised entirely of darkness, unlike her fellow Ra-Tet Ashet and Ma'at, whose cores were comprised of light. Manjet warned Team Angel that they would find her particulary vicious.

Mesektet was employed as the "Conduit to the Senior Partners" for Wolfram & Hart, linking the Earthly branches of W&H, the people and leaders, with the Senior Partners via the White Room.

Mesektet was consulted by Lilah Morgan and Angel in their attempts to overcome Sahjhan. Mesektet explained that his people, the Granok demons, were too chaotic for her and too unpredictable for the Senior Partners, so they rendered the entire species non-corporeal to prevent them from ruining the order that Mesektet liked, or interfering in W&H's plans.

The Beast taking Mesektet's darkness

Mesektet's darkness was one of the five ingredients that the Beast needed for a ritual. Angel Investigations arrived at the White Room in the hope that Mesektet would know a way to escape W&H (wich have been closed because of the Beast's attack) but found themselves too late. With her last breath, Mesektet told them that "the answer is among you", and saved them from the Beast by transporting them back to their headquarters.

After her death, her position as Conduit was filled by Big Cat, another dark entity.

Behind the Scenes[]