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Merl was a Parasite Demon who frequented Caritas, and was constantly used (and abused) by Angel whenever he needed information.


Merl was introduced to Angel by Wesley, who had used his services before, in exchange for money. Merl quickly got on Angel's bad side when he tricked him into killing Kamal, the bodyguard for a woman whose unborn baby was destined to become a great force of good, with the intent to cash in on the bounty for Jo's death. Fortunately, Angel discovered the deception in time to protect Jo from her would-be killers.

Afterward, he was frequently used by Angel for information about Darla and Drusilla. Instead of giving Merl monetary payment, however, the currently darker, grimmer Angel constantly physically and verbally abused Merl into giving him the information he needed. Because of this, Merl soon grew to dislike Angel and his friends by association.

Merl finally got enough of Angel constantly pushing him around after being hung upside down in a sewer and not let go and demanded an apology, but Angel's initial attempt to apologise went poorly despite his former epiphany. When Angel visited his home the next day with a box of donuts, he found that Merl had been murdered by Gio, a fanatical demon hunter and a member of Gunn's old crew.

Behind the Scenes[]


Merl also plays a part in the novel Image, when Angel Investigations recruit his assistance to try and investigate a tabloid magazine using demons to acquire incriminating photos of their subjects. Merl briefly tries to steal the photos from the magazine and use them for himself, but he is caught by Angel and forced to return the photos.