There's somebody in my head.
Willow Rosenberg
Jasmine Mental Projection

Jasmine while infiltrating Willow's mind.

Mental infiltration is the ability to forcefully enter another being's mind and project their own thoughts into the target. A being with this ability could distract, and to certain extent, even attempt to coerce, another being into following orders. This could be performed regardless of physical distance between the caster and the target. This ability could be considered to be a more powerful and invasive form of telepathy. Equally powerful beings, like witches, were able to shut down this infiltration, and even injure the infiltrator, with the use of powerful magicks.


In 2003, Jasmine, while possessing Cordelia, managed to communicate with Angelus, and repeatedly tried to convince him to serve her. Although she managed to regularly infiltrate the vampire's consciousness, she was unable to hold the vampire within her sway. She had far less success when she used this against Willow, who repelled Jasmine with a banishing spell.

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